Well, Well. A fanfare, we know binary bard’s username, and Binary Bard has been spotted in one of the multiplayer rooms!! Binary Bard is one of the Poptropica Creators, and now we know part of his identitity!! He sometimes comes inisde multiplayer rooms in disguise, coming in the name of Name Unknown, or Undefined Undefined. But now, he has come into the multiplayer rooms by his real name! Spotted By Cool Wing, a member of the Poptropica Forums. The meeting was at the Crop Circle Inn, which is the multiplayer room on Astro-Knighs Island. Cool Wing says that Binary Bard went in, walked around, and then went back out again. Cool wing reportedly claims that Binary Bard had Hacked Poptropical Thunder’s Blog, but it is highly improbable. Anyway binary bard’s username is… binarybard! Not so surprising, is it?  But now we can actually see how binary bard looks like! Props to motionman95, founder of the Poptropica Forums for making the poptropica image generator, thanks to his image generator, we can see binary bard, by just clicking here.

Anyway, now onto the IBOP related news: We have opened the IBOP Snapshots!

We were inspired by the Poptropica Snapshots on the PCB, and so we now have the IBOP Snapshots! The IBOP snaphots are snapshots of some experiences we have with some poptropicans in multiplayer rooms. We hang out with the featured poptropican for sometime, than take a photo of him/her, than post it up here! Look out for one of the IBOP staff members, you might be one of the poptropicans featured on the IBOP snapshots!