I (Speedy Ice) was walking around spy island, quite relaxed. I had just foiled another one of Director D’s evil plans. Everywhere I walked, I was welcomed as Director Ice. Then suddenly, some B.A.D agents sprang out of nowhere! People where taking cover inside some buildings. I fended off a few of the agents with my trusty axe, but then soon I need to take shelter. I ran into the hair club, feeling exhausted. The Hair club was a happy place. Not one person seemed to notice the commotion outside. I met Golden Bite, and I played a few games with her. After winning in sky dive, winning in paint war and losing in star link, I decided to let her in The IBOP snapshots! She soon noticed the commotion outside, and went outside to stop the commotion, but before that let me take a picture of her for the snapshots.

Congratulations Golden Bite, you have been featured in the IBOP snapshots!