New Item Cards have Been Discovered!! Credits to motionman95 for discovering two of item cards, fuse and a quiz game card!!
The Fuse card is thought to be from Spy Island, as it might be a new item for spies. What the teleporter is for, we do not know yet. The second swf card is the quiz game card….. Which we have totally no information on. The third swf card is multiverse, in which you can create a multi player party room with. Thanks to Codien of the PHB for finding this card.

The Teleporter Fuse and Quiz Game cards are as follows, and the Multiverse card is also here.


Also, the Poptropica store’s prices have raised by 75 credits! Guess that the creators are short on money. Many people describe the prices being raised as a rip-off, which even I agree to. But however, after A bunch of people rioting from the PHB and the PHF, the prices are back to normal! But you never know… the prices might raise again, or even worse, Poptropica might turn out to be a paid game!