Everybody, We have Received news from Binary Bard on the PCB that there are aliens on the main street of each Poptropica island! This is from the advertisement of Race to Witch Mountain. It is recommended to do this ad on Super Power or on Early Poptropica, where you can use the jet pack or your flying power. Your aim is to collect the three cards to finish your quest.  You need to push boxes on the gateway switches, then collect the cards. Also, remember to avoid the agents! If they catch you, you will have to start again! Use the barrels to your advantage.

Once you win the quest, you receive 3 item cards, the Witch Mountain UFO, an Agent Hazmat Costume, and an Alien Suit. However, all of them are for a Limited Time Only. The UFO, once you use it will zap you into it and take you up in the air. Then the sky will show the Witch Mountain logo, and you will be transported back to the ground. The item cards are as follows: allitems

And Now For some IBOP News, Speedy Ice’s Name Has Changed!  Speedy Ice is Now Called Gazek!