clownsrfiremenPoptropica has just released, two new clown and firefighter outfits! Both are great, and they both spray out something, which is water and fire extinguisher foam.

In other news, the creators have been posting all about – the Paris Island, it still does not have it’s real name yet, though.

whiteboardHow, did we know it might be a Paris Island? Well, at the top left side, just near the place ‘river’, is ‘Notre Dame’ which everyone knows is located in Paris. Now, not only reality, but also this new island is what we’ll be waiting for!

Also, Pathwise, a newest multiplayer game, has been released! This is a very fun game, and here are some pictures of it.

pathwiserAnd, as you start playing, this is what you will see:

The game’s objective is simple. Make a bridge from your side to the other side, of your same terrain.

There have been many things happening around Poptropica. What could be next? In other news, I made a new blog logo, and here it is: Hope you like it!