It’s Crazy Flyer. If you read my resignation post, then you know I was quitting the iBop for a site called Gaia. Well, just found out Gaia allows cussing, and if my mom saw she might take away my PC privileges, which I can NOT have. I wuv computers, even if mine is terrible. So, I have quit Gaia. If you read my last post, you’ll also know I said I was still an admin on the iBop, so that’s how I’m posting, if you’re wondering. So I’m considering re-joining the iBop…. what do you thinks? comment on this post if you think yes or no. (my feelings will NOT be hurt if no, give your HONEST opinion, pwease!)

EDIT: If no comments are made within the next 24 hours, I will take the matter up with Lazy Feather, ok? so no rush on the comments, the decision will still be made, so don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to post or don’t know what to say.

Well, the 2 comments (I’m easy to be convinced on SOME things) convinced me, and I am gonna stay!  *parade band plays, while balloons and confetti fall from the no-man-self-driven party store blimp that just exploded above* Lazy feather will change the header! (he said he has one ready, and I kinda am out of creative juice right now. finished a big projec.. thats another story) So, consider myself back and a full part of the iBop once more! It’s also good cause now you have one of the original creators back. So sad Gazek had to leave… but he’s on to better things! =D So….

Crazy Flyer,

Signing off.

Well, off of this post. I’ve got some catching up to do, and I need to create my about profile…… Oh man…

I’ve got a lot of work……

EDIT: Wow, I didn’t know I was being missed so much! I thought you guys wouldn’t care much… if I had known, I never would have quit!