It was a dark night. Popular Thunder and Crazy Flyer were in their blimp. They were bored and waiting then it came out! What they’ve been waiting for! It was Haunted House! A new mini quest that was released on October 8th! When you finish it you will revive 50 Poptropican credits ( half of what you get when you beat a island ). A lot of you guys and girls wanted the scythe, well now it’s totally customizable and so are many other Halloween costumes! And titanic thanks to Muddy Dragon we get a free guide. Here is the link!  We’ll make a page with the guide and we’ll delete it when Haunted House is deleted. I’m glad The Poptropica creators didn’t keep us waiting for something new. By the way were still working on IBOP that’s why this post was late. IBOP is now reopen!!!!

Signing off, Nero