Well, this is my first post as head of the I-BOP, I guess…

There’s a new post at the Creator’s blog with Binary Bard next to the Scream.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now this is what I call art!


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The one and only Binary Bard at 3:25 pm
Like the last post on the Creator’s Blog, this is a picture of a painting. It is most likely another one you will have to find during the island. This post is a few days old, and I did not post this sooner because I thought someone else was going to. Then,  just about everyone quit. There is also a Phineas and Ferb Christmas ad. To beat it you need to sort the presents according to country.
There is also a Night at the Museum ad, which is like the Ice Age ad. You need to find Rex’s body parts and rebuild him within the time limit. Once you finish, you are rewarded with a security guard uniform with a flashlight.
In other words, I am planning on hiring some new members through the PHF. If you have a PHF and wordpress accounts and you want to be on this blog, pm me.
Stanford3, signing out. 
(P.S., the binary says “thescream”)