We are the iBop, short for the International Blog of Poptropica.

We’re on the web to help you out with your Poptropica needs.  You can count on us to give you sneak previews, help, and much more! This blog was originally created by Gazek & Tyrian, but Gazek had to leave for bigger & better things.  Just browse below to learn more about ourselves and the blog.

About the Authors:

Stanford3: Hey, it’s Stanford3, I’ve been on this blog since about November of last year, and I have had a few problems keeping up with posts before. That’s over now, I’m going to try to keep up with at least the PHB standards of post time and whatnot. I try to bring order to situations, even though I can’t always. Anyways, before I start to ramble, I’m glad to be here and I’ll see you next post!

TyrianCF: Hey! TyrianCF here. As you have read above, I started this blog with Gazek, and have left/returned several times. I’m a 13 year old male graphics artist. So… Have fun!

DB/Flashmeteor: Hey just another 13 year old blogger boy. 😀 I’m the one who stays along for the ride but is too lazy to get off the car seat.


70 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Speedy Ice Says:

    Welcome one, welcome all! Hope you like this site!

  2. crazy flyer Says:

    Yes, Welcome!

  3. Tii Says:

    This website is impressive, especially for a very recent start. Nice!

    1. Speedy Ice Says:

      Thanks Tii! We should be fully complete soon!

      1. Tii Says:

        You’re welcome!

      2. zanygamer Says:

        Hey, Crazy Flyer! I live in California too!

        Crazy Flyer: That’s Great!

      3. zanygamer Says:

        Also, I’m still Tii except logged in as zanygamer. Sorry I couldn’t put it in one comment!

  4. Shiny Carrot Says:

    Incredible Fish told me about this. It’s pretty cool!

    1. Speedy Ice Says:

      Thanks. Give us any suggestions!

    2. Incredible Fish Says:

      Ya I did!

  5. This is an impressive site! It’s very sucessful to be just made. My blog, Poptropicalthunder’s Blog, has about 5,000 comments, and it started in April…

    1. Speedy Ice Says:


  6. Hi!
    LF: Hello there,Cool Poptropica! Hope you like the IBOP!

  7. guilson Says:

    Hey Lazy Feather I’m filipino too,(even though I still live in america)
    Lazy Feather: Cool! If you live in America, were you born here in the Philippines?

    1. Wow! Im Filipino too! I was born in the Philippines and moved to the US when I was 2! I currently live in California like Crazy Flyer!
      Lazy Feather: Cool!

      Crazy Flyer: Nice!

      1. nikan87 Says:

        i am PINOY too!

  8. cheerful burger Says:

    Hi! im from New Zealand!

    Speedy Ice: Cool! New Zealand is a cool place.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:


  9. Zany Glove Says:

    Hey fo you guys mind if i join?
    Lazy Feather: Sorry, Zany Glove, we’re not adding blog staff for now

    Speedy ice: Well.. As feather said, we’re not looking for help.

  10. Hyper cloud Says:

    Hey lazy feather we are the same i also am a filipino and i live in metro manila 2. I LOVE POPTROPICA!
    LF: Cool! What part of Metro? I live in Pasig City

    1. Hyper cloud Says:

      I live in QC Quezon city

  11. green bird Says:

    hey i did not understand the avatar thingi

    1. Lazy Feather Says:

      AVATAR THINGY?????? What are you talking about?

  12. Hyper cloud Says:

    Maybe he is talking about the avatar studio stuff.

  13. muddydragon Says:

    What ever happened to SNIPPIX? I got them all…

    1. Hyper cloud Says:

      It has been removed lately the winner was dizzy catfish i think.

  14. Hyper cloud Says:

    When will they(or should i say crazy flyer) say the new authors?

  15. Popular Thunder Says:

    Are the only Member, Crazy Fly?

    1. Tyrian Says:

      Yes, I’m running this blog alone, untill I can choose on a new member.

  16. Popular Thunder Says:

    I’m open! Whoa what happened to every body?

  17. Popular Thunder Says:

    Check out my blog. http://popthunder.wordpress.com/

  18. Popular Thunder Says:

    I emailed you Crazy Flyer.

  19. zippy hippo Says:

    Can I join this blog?

  20. Cool Wing (Element) Says:

    LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!

  21. crazyninja Says:

    my name is crazy ninja (undefined undefined on poptropica)
    i was wondering if you could add me as an author of this blog.
    i have good grammar and have beat all the islands without a guide.
    i have a 4 star battle ranking too.
    im good at graphic designing ,drawing, and html coding.
    please reply

  22. metsfan21 Says:

    Are you going to hire now? Cause I really want to join.

  23. Hyper cloud Says:

    i also want to join to but i dont know if they will accept me.

  24. zippy hippo Says:

    Add me and I’ll add music to the blog!but you have to make me an adminastrator and tell me how you take pictures of poptropica or I’ll quit IMMEDIATLEY!

    1. Hyper cloud Says:

      How strict (maybe you want to quit immediatley lol)

      1. dynaboa Says:

        Yeah, kinda strict.

  25. Gazek Says:

    Whoa. The Ibop has gone a LONG way!!

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Yes it has Gazek,yes it has.

  26. smartnoodle Says:

    Awesome blog dudes and dudets!

  27. zippy hippo Says:

    Please can I join!

  28. Popular Thunder Says:

    Zippy you had dedication problems with my blog……….

  29. Eddie Says:

    Gazek be a member now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hyper cloud Says:

    Gazek was a member once but he move to the PHB

  31. Eddie Says:


  32. Sana Says:

    wow awesome blog! Wish i could join lol! just joking, but cool blog!

  33. Hyper cloud Says:

    You said it. It’s a great blog but i dont know why the blog moderators quit here. Yup just wish i could join.

  34. Hyper cloud Says:

    Umm why are the moderators not psting anything on the homepage?
    Stanford3: Currently, we’re in between members and I’m the only person here who’s really doing anything at the moment…

  35. porkchops Says:

    i love porkchops!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. whitestar151 Says:

    Can I join the iBop as a graphics designer? (I can advertise the iBop on the http://thetpch.tk/)

    1. Popular Thunder Says:

      Sure. We’re no longer looking for any members after this

  37. Coskit Says:

    Uh….why have I been removed from the IBOP? I’m still on the Staff page, but I can’t post or anything and it’s not on my dashboard. If I’ve been booted from this blog, just tell me, ok?

  38. Hello dynoboa, your blog hire isn’t working for me so i’ll post it here. My blog is PoptropicaCentral.tk My emil will be there if you edit the comment, and I want to join the Ibop.-IkeWB

    1. dynaboa Says:

      Ok, ur added! All new staff will be given a “test run” first, to see how well u post. But, I did look at your site, & it looks as if you post great! So, I’m sure you’ll do just fine here.

  39. Welcome to the iBop Dynaboa!!

      1. dynaboa Says:

        I hate spelling. I meant to say THANKS. LOL

  40. Giant Hawk Says:

    Dynoboa, I’m sure you’ll do a great job here! 🙂

    1. Giant Hawk Says:

      Oops…I meant Dynaboa. xD

    2. dynaboa Says:

      I’m so excited to be the new director of da iBop!

  41. Hi, i’m not going to be able to post the next two days due to me being away from home without a computer.

  42. Happy Storm Says:

    WTF happened to the pages and the posts? They’re all blank. :/

  43. hyper cloud Says:

    Why aren’t you posting anymore. It’s been a month now. Did you just shutdown.
    Pretty much :\ If Gazek wasn’t still owner, this blog wouldn’t exist, to be honest.

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