This is the place where we give you the poptropica services that The iBop has to offer. Below is a variety of services that we offer. Just click on their links to go there!

Cheats and Glitches

These are the Cheats and glitches currently possible to be done on poptropica. Some are crazy, some are cool. These are awesome cheats that you can use to amaze your friends!

Creator Data

This service shows you all the data we have on the poptropica creators. We are constantly wondering about their identities…. this shows you it all.


Download our FREE iBop toolbar! It offers Weather, Search, RSS, games and more all in one thin bar! Just click here!

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7 Responses to “Stuff of Interest”

  1. Incredible Fish Says:

    I like your wallpapers Speedy Ice. I can’t wait for the forum wallpaper!

  2. Incredible Fish Says:

    I love the creator data.

  3. Eddie Says:


  4. Dangerous Scorpion Says:


  5. Jumpy Cloud Says:

    I like the cheats and glitches.

  6. Brave Moon Says:

    love the icostume costume

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