Just scroll down for the cheat codes.  In the cheat codes section, the First Section is the Cheat Name, The second is how to use the cheat and the third is the credits. Scroll down for the glitches… Enjoy! 🙂


Cheat Codes

Ctrl+Shift+S | Change your color of your skin. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl+Shift+H | Change your hair color. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl + Shift + 1 | Your character does the laughing emote. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl + Shift + 2 | Your character does the crying emote. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl + Shift + 3 | Your character does the angry emote. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl + Shift + 4 |  Your Character Jumps up, and Laughs. | The IBOP Team

Ctrl + Shift + P | Your Character Gets the Pumpkin Mask. | The IBOP Team

F10 | Pauses your game. | Incredible Fish

F12 | A white bar appears on the bottom where you can type. | The IBOP Team



Yay! I'm moving in The Costumizer!

"Yay! I'm moving in The Costumizer!"


The Moving In The Costumizer Glitch Credit to Silver Shell.

1.) Walk up to a character, then click on the customizer button, then click on the character.

2.) While the customizer is loading, start clicking rapidly around the screen. (WARNING: If your Mouse Turns Into A swirl, then the glitch won’t work, so try again.)

3.) When the costomizer does load, you will walk up to the character you are costumizing with.

Wh... Where's The Rope?

"Wh... Where's The Rope?"

The Climbing In the Blimp Basket Glitch Credit to Speedy ice

1.) Go to the Blimp (Which is found on main street in any island).

2.) Start Climbing Up the Rope. Remember, do NOT click on travel.

3.) Continue Climbing, even when you reach the blimp basket. You should look like you are still climbing!


Have a Cheat or Glitch that you want to submit to the iBOP?

If you do, either comment your cheat here, or send us the cheat through our e-mail, i-bop@live.com. If your cheat get’s added to the List, then you will be credited. Also feel free to send any glitches!



18 Responses to “Cheats and Glitches”

  1. Speedy Ice Says:

    Fish, thanks for the cheats. We were already going to add the ctrl+shift ones, but the other ones we will give you credit.

    1. Shiny Carrot Says:

      Same here! It’s brutal, but hilarious!

    2. Speedy Ice Says:

      Fish, The crab blowing up is not a cheat. The creators did that on purpose.

      1. Flat Freak Says:

        Really its awesome but,still not a cheat!

      2. DaVinci Says:

        What crab blowing up? Tell meeee…….

    3. Hyper cloud Says:

      click on the crab on time tangled island about 10 times then it explodes to pieces. then after awhile it goes pieces back together.

  2. Shiny Carrot Says:

    I have something to add in “The Moving In The Costumizer Glitch”.
    I find the glitch easier when you click where your Poptropica is supposed to be.

    And by the way… when my mouse was a swirl, the glitch still worked.

    1. Speedy Ice Says:

      Well, carrot… it doesn’t matter if you click on your poptropican or not. And we’re investigating about the swirl.

  3. Incredible Fish Says:

    You can use cheats from http://poptropicaforums.co.cc/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=21

    Your welcome Incredible Fish.

  4. poptropicafanitac Says:

    Ctrl + Shift + R randomizes your character.

  5. COOLFLY Says:

    ow i have a glitch on the moues click right click settings then close ow first keep jumping and you dont haft to hold down the mouse

  6. hey guys um when you press F10 i doesnt really pause the game you know!!!

    1. if they really have that glitch, the time frezzing item is a waste!)

  7. Pricky bear Says:

    o its cool glitches but i no that glitceh 1000 days ago

  8. Dangerous Scorpion Says:

    the PHB has the same cheats and glitches

  9. useing ctrl-shift r will radom your character! If you do it in 24 carrot island, you can use this when the cat jumps!(warning: Use this feature will lose ALL, I mean ALL your avatar, so watch out!

  10. connorador Says:

    Hey the cheats r awesome.

  11. marie anne Says:

    Standing on rope glitch

    1.Start climbing any rope -for example, the rope leading up to the blimp
    2.Press any one of the four combinations of keys that can get you to do the emotes-ie. laughing or crying (the one where you jump and smile doesn’t work so well) while still on the rope
    3.Your character will now appear to be standing on the rope!

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