This gives you all the information we have about the creators, how to contact them, they’re real name, and much more. N/A means that we don’t know that particular piece of information yet.

 Shark Boy

Real Name: Nate Greenwall

Website(s): ,

Contact: Go to his website, and click CONTACT.

User Name: N/A

Located On: Shark tooth Island, Inside The Shark Museum

Other Stuff That Maybe of Your Interest: A flash and Graphics designer, Studied at Utah State University, And a designer of many other flash games.


Comic Kid a.k.a. Ned Noodlehead

Real Name: Jeff Kinney

Website(s): ,

Contact: N/A, Jeff is not giving out his e-mail ID.

User Name: N/A

Located On: Super Power Island, The Comic Shop

Other Stuff That Maybe of Your Interest: Author of Diary of A Wimpy Kid, An Amazing artist, Was Born in Maryland in the 1990’s, And Recently added as one of the 100 most influental people by Time Magazines.


Dr. Hare

Real Name: Jordan Leary

Websites(s): , ,


User Name: jordanleary

Located on: 24 Carrot Island, In the Factory or Outer Space

Other Stuff That Maybe of Your Interest: Summa Cum Laude, 2004, Graphic Design and Animation at Utah State University. Helped create Finding The Healthy You, that teaches kids  to live a healthy lifestyle.


16 Responses to “Creator Data”

  1. Incredible Fish Says:

    Binary Bard’s user is binarybard!

    1. Speedy Ice Says:

      Yeah, we already know. We’re constructing the page, though.

    2. some one use to share binary band’s username is poptropican, but it change, and it is not nice to use the password!

  2. Hyper cloud Says:

    I’d like to see the data of the other poptropica creators (Dr hare, binary bard, Vlad the viking, thirsty whale etc.)

    1. Lazy Feather Says:

      We have just found out Dr Hare’s identitiy!

      1. Gazek Says:


        Thanks to deathstalker ;).

        And me..

        You might wanna give credit.

  3. Hyper cloud Says:

    sorry i said it twice
    LF: Haha. Spam. Anyway, it’s OK. Try next time not to.

  4. Binary Bard Says:

    i wanted my info up there!!!

  5. blue robot Says:

    justin lacy is hazmat hermit

  6. hazmat hermit is justinlacy and shark boys username is sharkboycreator

    1. Blue robot Says:

      that’s wat i said

  7. Hyper cloud Says:

    Well what’s the username of ned noodlehead (I wanna know)

  8. metsfan21 Says:

    Tyrian,I hate to break it to you,but those pics are from The Wall Prints,and that is actually Illegal to do that. This means the creators may shut down Th Ibop. I made that mistake too. You just gotta remove it quick.

    1. dynaboa Says:

      Ok, I’ll fix it.

  9. mellozjelloz Says:

    Sharkboy’s hair is now orange. 😕

    1. That was because he was wearing the new store item. It changed back.

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